Amari CioCiaro – 30%ABV

Looks treacle-like, a very dark shade of amber, almost maple syrup.  Nose is citrus, orange peel & cola?  Taste is very sweet, enough to mask that abv.  Orange peel is forward with baking spice & something a little more green, perhaps pine wood or winter mint.   Ice brings even more sugar & a slight astringent burn that is somehow not off-putting.  If you like sweet, this is one to own. Good w/ a little citrus & bubbly. 

-Elisir Novasalus – 16% ABV

Smells of pine needles moldering in a dung heap. Cough syrup & tree sap. Very bitter. Some nice herb interplay not unlike a more adventurous gin but this is alpine on steroids. Ice brings about a hidden sweetness which makes it more paletable but this is for the very serious drinker or a good substitute for bitters in your bar.  This with ice, bubbles & a splash of Frangelico makes an interesting drink. Like sucking on a pinewood barrel stave from an alpine rickhouse.